Will is booking lessons, training and farrier services on Vancouver Island starting September 5, 2012

For un-started horses the training program includes an evaluation of the horse’s personality, a diagnosis of potential problem areas, a customized approach to develop the skills needed for the horse both on the ground and in under saddle work. Will likes to follow up with detailed lessons for the owner to ensure that the owner understands what the horse has learned and that they continue to be successful together. The length of the training process is variable and should be discussed with Will directly before the owner commits to sending a horse for training.

Horses that have developed behavior issues or problems with training need to be evaluated on an individual basis. Will does not offer “quick Band-Aid solutions” but he does take a holistic approach to determining underlying issues that may be leading to problems in training or behavior. Will employs many alternative methods to help the horse overcome whatever issues are holding him back, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Will has had a lot of success in helping troubled horses and their owners but Will can not help a horse if the owner is not totally committed and prepared to be involved. Please contact Will directly if you have a horse that needs some help.